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Learning Alexander Technique gives you practical principles to help with any activity you care about doing well.

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Whether it is music performance, yoga asanas, sciatic pain, the yips in golf, performance nerves, confidence in public speaking, tension or just poor posture the Alexander Technique can help.  Your teacher will be able to guide you in the application of the Alexander technique to your daily life and your particular interest areas.

With every physical breakthrough, one’s spirit lifts. I believe Alexander Technique is unique in what it can offer

Lyndall Scott, Orange NSW


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New in 2015


Need to better understand your posture and your music &/or singing speaking?

Want to increase your skills to give accurate physical feedback as a music or drama teacher?

Looking to reduce strain and find more freedom?

One day professional learning workshops: 2 topics

Arms, Hands, Instrument

9 May, 25 May, 18 August or 9 November. Find out more here


Breathing & Sound

16 May, 26 May, 17 August, 10 Nov. Find out more here

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BodyTune courses are accredited by BOSTES, teachers you can claim PD points.


The Alexander Technique gives us all the things we have been looking for in a system  of physical education; relief from strain due to maladjustment, and constant improvement in physical and mental health

Aldous Huxley