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BodyMinded practitioners work with their students/clients to understand their unique patterns of mind- body interaction and coach them, with a holistic framework, towards a more integrated and optimal co-ordination.

BodyMinded practitioners teach and coach to avoid injury and create sustainable satisfying movement practices.

BodyMinded practitioners apply their skills in their work as music teachers, yoga teachers, professional musicians, massage therapists, Pilates Method instructors and performance coaches etc.


Key learning outcomes:

  • Move better feel better and move away from injury and pain. Sustain your own wellbeing with constructively applying Alexander Technique principles
  • Understand the human body & movement from the inside out with accurate anatomical and body mapping knowledge
  • Learn about Biomechanics ‘the science of movement’’ and application to your professional practice
  • Develop new plans for instruction or coaching for your students/ clients
  • Integrate the BodyMinded approach into your professional practice


Two BodyMinded Training on offer – do both or only one

BodyMinded: Alexander Technique, Applied Anatomy & Biomechanics

Duration: February – December 2018. 12 workshops (3 x 4day intensives) + 12 private coaching session by appointment

Location: St Leonards, Sydney, NSW

NEW in 2018 BodyMinded training is coming to Brisbane –  6 weekends in 2018

BodyMinded: Communications, Coaching and Alexander Technique

Duration: February – December 2018. 12 Sunday workshops approx. monthly + 12 private coaching sessions

Location: St Leonards, Sydney, NSW


Music Scholarships for BodyMinded

4 scholarships are on offer for the 2018 class

Two  50% Scholarship for a Music Teacher

Two 50% Scholarship for a Tertiary Music student

Please enquire.


“I had really great time at the Sunday class. I had a very direct experience of understanding better my body and the way I use it (which I’ve never been taught systematically in my physio training)”





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Time and Date

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