BodyTune: Breathing & Sound


Want to make sustainable great sound?

Want to better understanding how to control your breath?

Looking for confidence in speaking, singing and/or playing?


BodyTune: Breath & Sound will teach you about effective control of air movement -breath.  Breath is essential to many musical and vocal performance activities.

The course will help your co-ordination with the intension of reducing tension, pressure and inefficiency, giving a fuller access to your capabilities for making and sustaining great sounds.

BodyTune: Breathing & Sound will cover practical anatomical and biomechanics dynamics of breathing for application to singing, speaking (drama, debating, speech-making) and instruments that require specific breath use (woodwind & brass).

Who is BodyTune for?

  • Singers & singing teachers
  • Drama teachers
  • Actors & public speakers
  • Woodwind players and teachers
  • Brass players and teachers

What is included in BodyTune: Breathing & Sound?

  • Pre workshop assesment (on-line)
  • Full day of targeted small group training
    • The dependance of breathing on whole-body balance and co-ordination
    • Cooperation with the natural rhythms and movements of effective breathing
    • Anatomy and physiology of breathing
    • Activities to enhance the use and control of the breath for sound performance
    • Alexander Technique principles

A month ago, I assumed that I would never fix my ‘bad habits’ on the flute- I just thought they were things wrong with ME.. But the hands-on anatomy in AT class made me realize that there was not much wrong with my body –  just how much uncessary stress I put upon it!  AT is helping my music practice by removing excess tension, and giving me the freedom to move around physically with my instrument as one! 


Tertiary Music student, pre- professional musician – 2015

About Greg

Greg teaches with joy and laughter – always seeking positive experiences. Greg has been observing movement for over 30 years. He has a Masters degree in movement science.  Greg is a regular staff member of the Lisa Gasteen National Opera Summer School.

Greg is Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique and Associate Director of training at Body Chance Schools in Japan.


How do I enrol?

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Please bring your instrument or some text/ song to work with in the workshop.

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Endorsed by NESA (Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW) – School teachers gain PD points.

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Time and Date

April 03, 2018 - to

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