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Arms, Hands, Instrument


Want more freedom when playing or singing?

Improve your technique and reduce stress and strain?

Improve how you give co-ordination feedback to your music students?

BodyTune: Arms, Hands, Instrument  teaches you about anatomical and biomechanics aspects of arm actions when playing instruments and conducting.

Many injuries and performance hurdles that musicians experience are associated with the way they use their bodies when they play their instruments.

BodyTune will help your co-ordination with the intention of reducing tension, pressure and inefficiency, giving  fuller access to your capabilities for making music.

BodyTune: Arms, Hands, Instrument will cover practical anatomical and biomechanics dynamics of arm movements.

Who is BodyTune for?

  • Musicians – all ¬†instruments and genres
  • Music teachers
  • Conductors


A month ago, I assumed that I would never fix my ‘bad habits’ on the flute- I just thought they were things wrong with ME.. But the hands-on anatomy in AT class made me realize that there was not much wrong with my body – just how much uncessary stress I put upon it! AT is helping my music practice by removing excess tension, and giving me the freedom to move around physically with my instrument as one!

Tertiary Music student, pre- professional musician


Enrolments now open

One day professional development workshop. Workshop is 9am – 3pm.

Next date for 2017: 14 November in Sydney.

Detailed workshop content available on request.


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or call Greg Holdaway on 0408 257 174.

Time and Date

September 14, 2017 - 9am to 3pm

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