Alexander Technique with Greg Holdaway


June 28 & 29 2014


Would you like to move with natural ease? Reduce your pain?

Learn how to be more comfortable in your body?

This workshop will help you to access the natural effortlessness, poise and pain-free movement that comes from being well coordinated. The workshop is practical, you will be assisted to apply the technique to everday actions such as reaching, walking, typing etc. We will explore your areas of interest: musicians bring along your instrument, golfers bring along a club, Yoga people your mat!

Beginners are welcome, along with the more experienced.


Saturday 9:30- 4:30
Sunday 9:30 – 4:30
Early Bird Price $380 (if paid by 6 June)
Full price $ 465




The Feedback

Feedback from participants at our last Brisbane event in July 2013 was fantastic:

“It always felt like a one on one situation, even though mostly it was group work. He had a great way of including everyone and making it very relevant for all. He was very responsive to the group and knew when to move on or slow down very well. I don’t think the workshop could have been improved”

“Liked the experience of allowing participants time and space to find own answers, or not, without judgement or pressure”

“It’s great that something so simple has had such a profound impact on my whole self”



About Greg

Greg Holdaway teaches with laughter and joy, always seeking a positive experience with students. Greg has been observing and exploring movement for over 30 years. His first career was as a dancer, he has a masters degree in movement science and has conducted research into movement reflexes and training methods.

Greg is Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique, associate Director of Training at the Body Chance schools in Japan, and an international assessor of Alexander Technique teachers.



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Time and Date

June 28, 2014 / June 29, 2014

Places Available


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