In school program for Music Students

The Alexander Technique is part of the professional training and practice of thousands of musicians worldwide. Now it can be available to your HSC Music students in your school!

Benefits to Students

  • Practical instruction on posture and co-ordination while playing
  • Minimise the stresses and strains of performance – stay healthy!
  • Immediate, practical and personal feedback  (not abstract or theoretical!)
  • Relevant applied anatomical information
  • Reduce tension and muscle effort due to habits of movement
  • Improved dynamics and musicianship


Workshop Outcomes

  • More confidence in performance
  • Reduced strain/discomfort, more ease and enjoyment
  • Practical information for home and school practice
  • Personal insights into how ease of movement makes music fly!


An open space is required – hall, drama room or rehearsal room.

Maximum of 10 students per workshop.

You can decide on the best format for your school.

Format suggestions:

♫ 2 hours with 5 students ($40 + GST per student)

♫ 1.5 hours with 6 students ($25 + GST per student)

♫ 2 hours with 10 students ($20 + GST per student)


We are also able to offer workshops out of school hours or on weekends. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Click here to make an enquiry
or call Greg Holdaway on 0408 257 174.

Time and Date

Please enquire for availability

Places Available


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