Learn how to Move Better, Feel Better


Are you struggling with neck or back pain?

Are you interested in better posture?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel more comfortable doing everyday activities?

Come learn Alexander Technique principles in a small engaging class.


The Move Better, Feel Better course offers you practical improvement for your daily activities & posture with the support of working in a small group to develop your new skills. Many types of activities are covered: sitting, typing, walking, driving, lifting objects, playing instruments etc.

This  course is taught by Greg Holdaway, Director Sydney Alexander Technique assisted by senior trainees from the practitioner training program. Greg teaches with joy and laughter, the classes are engaging and interactive. Greg has been observing movement for over 30 years and is very experienced at working with all types of people and problems.


Is this course for me?

This course will help all people who are interested din learning more about their movement habits and positive steps forward to release unneeded tension.

Officer workers, mothers, manual workers, musicians, teachers, yogis: everyone interested in improving their co-ordination and learning how to self manage their posture in everyday activities.

People with pain, rehabilitating from injury and those seeking improved comfort in daily activities (like sitting at the office) will benefit from learning the Alexander Technique.

What will I learn?

You will learn to activate your own in built back support, your internal anti-gravity reflex muscles.

Alexander Technique helps you change unhelpful movement habits.  People experiencing pain (neck, back, shoulder, hip etc) will be guided towards self management using Alexander’s principles which provide overall co-ordination support.

No props or special equipment required.  Learning Alexander Technique uses your thinking as the primary driver of change – its great!

We teach you principles to change  your co-ordination that can be applied everywhere, anytime.

Class Themes

Session 1 Introduction to Move Better, Feel Better Principles

Session 2 The power of Habit: why thinking is more useful than feeling.

Session 3 The principle of UNITY in action

Session 4 Mindfulness: the power of non-judgemental observation

Session 5 Thinking in Activity

Session 6 Willpower and Acceptance: a necessary balance

In addition to the class theme, each session provides opportunities to work with the teacher on activities or questions you bring to the class.

Classes are small, practical, engaging and fun!

The ideal introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Everyone gets personal feedback.


Going down stairs no longer feels unsteady – I now know how it is possible to go down and up at the same time!

Penny, Sydney


Course includes: 6 classes plus a 30 min private lesson


How can I enrol?

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch with the dates for the next course and to answer your questions. You are also welcome to email me if you would like to discuss how this course will address your circumstances.


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