Teaching you to move at your best 

If you’ve been experiencing pain or recovering from an injury or simply want to improve your movement performance in running, golf, music or yoga, then the Alexander Technique may be just for you.

Tailored to suit your circumstances, our private lessons are designed to give you practical skills using the Alexander Technique to find you more comfortable ways to move.
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • RSI
  • recovering form injury
  • improvements in posture
  • specific skill based activities – running, golf, dancing, playing music, singing,yoga
  • improving confidence with presentations
  • plus many more issues and concerns.

Personal co-ordination assessment plus a plan for you to improving your overall co-ordination and comfort in daily life

What to expect in your first lesson? 

Lessons normally run for 45minutes to 1 hour.

In your  first lesson you can gain a practical introduction to how Alexander Technique will help you.  Plus your teacher is able to assess your co-ordination and provide specific feedback for your improvement.

Our teachers listen and observe your movements with great care. In your first lesson you will do simple actions like walking, reaching, bending and your teacher will be able to see your habitual patterns of movements and where improvements can be made towards more optimal patterns.  Your teacher will carefully create a personal movement plan that is relevant to your specific circumstances and you will be taken through the recommendations.


About our teachers 

We have a marvellous team of teachers.  Combined our teachers have over 60 years of working with people. We have teachers with special interests and expertise in music, yoga and physical fitness. Our Director, Greg Holdaway has a particular interest in reflexes and he actively follows the current research in motor control & movement education. Our teachers are accredited by the Australian Professional Association for Alexander Technique teachers (AUSTAT).


Simply use our  online booking calendar to find a lesson appointment that suits your schedule. If you have any questions please email Kathy@atsyd.com  or call 0437 405 407 


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