Personalised, Individual Attention

Ready to be the centre of your teacher’s attention?

Are you keen for wholistic analysis of your movement habits?

Looking for a teacher who listens and can creates a personal plan for your improvement?


Every lesson is unique. Private lessons offer highly personalised & tailored learning.

It is a marvellous experience to have your teacher 100% focused on your needs.

Long term injury and rehabilitation can be addressed in private classes. Many students find relief from pain conditions when they learn to apply Alexander Technique principles to their actions.

Learning the Alexander Technique is an active process with your teacher, they work with you to reveal your thinking and moving habits and guide you towards better co-ordination.

You can expect to be listened to and observed very closely. You will gain improvements in everyday movements like walking, reaching, sitting from your private lessons.

Your first lesson is an assessment, your teacher will ask about your needs and goals and analyse your co-ordination to formulate  a recommended approach for your improvement.

Private lessons are generally 45 minutes long.  (1 hour and 30 min lessons are also available).

Assessment lessons are $90 + GST.

Lessons are available  by appointment at our studio in St Leonards.

Is cost an issue?

Senior students at the professional Alexander Teacher training are giving Clinic Sessions for just $20.00. These sessions are supervised by qualified staff on the school. Minimum 5 sessions, and the school will request feedback from you at the end of your series to assist the student. Please enquire on the contact form below.


I’ve been able to walk much further without my feet bothering me and  can do 5km easy without feeling any pain. Carol


I have been using the skills you guys taught me and have to say that my life has been improved greatly compared to before. Im studying at TAFE and I can go through whole days without any discomfort. Dave

How to Book a Lesson

Complete the contact form below. We will be in touch soon to organise your lesson. Alternatively please call Kathy on 0437405407 if you want to discuss your options for learning Alexander Technique

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Lessons also available at:

Blue Mountains and Bathurst with Greg Holdaway, Narrabeen with Alan Capel

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or call Greg Holdaway on 0408 257 174.

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