Alexander Technique for Massage Therapists

One day professional development workshop


Are you curious about Alexander Technique?

Interested in less pain and discomfort for yourself?

Looking to achieve a long & healthy career as a massage therapist?

Seeking new observation skills for your practice?


This workshop will introduce you to Alexander Technique in a practical and applied way.

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Greg Holdaway

Greg is Director of Sydney Alexander Technique. He has over 20 years clinical practice experience. Greg teaches from a solid scientific basis, he holds a Masters degree in Sports Science from Sydney University and works with reflexes to assist people discover and learn about their co-ordiantion.

Pam Darby-Mann

Pam is a long term student of Alexander Technique and has been working with Greg for over 10 years, she is also an experienced massage therapist being self employed massage therapist for over 18 years. Pam is a member of ATMS. Pam will offer insights for participants how Alexander Technique can be of benefit as a professional massage therapist.

Pam says “My goals are to educate, and support clients to a greater level of awareness of their health needs and create program’s that lead them to best outcomes. This may include referrals to other practitioners.  I work with deep tissue tecs for chronic condition’s, excessive tension, restricted movement and some pain. I use remedial techniques, passive stretch technqiues . My Alexander Technique education pervades all areas of my work both to maintain integrity in myself and also to educate my clients to harming themselves less”


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Small group workshop, strictly limited numbers

Workshop location St Leonards, Sydney.

See also our BodyMinded Practitioner training here.


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