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Professional Development for Music and Voice Teachers

12 hours accredited PD – over 2 days.

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Greg Holdaway and Bass Guitarist
Photo: L. Pereira


This NSW Teachers Institute accredited professional development program provides Music Teachers with accurate, reliable and useful information that will enhance understanding of movement coordination and effectiveness with music students. The program is designed to increase teachers’ skills in observing and providing coordination feedback to students.

The playing of a musical instrument (including voice) requires exquisite coordination.  Understanding and skill in providing postural and movement feedback for performance quality and instrument control is central to safe and effective music teaching. Poor quality feedback can lead to overuse and stress related injuries in young performers, and set-up habits of movement that become significant restrictions on technical skill and professional development later in life. This course helps teachers to ensure a safe learning and working environment in the preparation for a life making music.

Current peer reviewed research is suggesting that musicians health, wellbeing and creative practice are linked through body awareness. This is a new area which has pedagogical implications for music teachers (ref: “You cannot Perform Music without Taking Care of Your Body” . Medical Problems of Performing Artists Vol 27, No 3, Sept 2012).

The course was enlightening. I feel I am observing myself and my students a lot more fully now. I am also understanding a lot more about how the body is structured and works”

Matthew Foster (Violin Teacher)

Maximum 8 teachers each course. Text book included in course registration

Cost $465 for Sydney courses (great early bird prices, please enquire)

Program Structure

This program is delivered in four modules (each module is 3 hours);

Module 1: Seeing the whole, foundations of balance and movement

Module 2: Common mapping and coordination errors

Module 3: Spatial and kinaesthetic feedback- getting the ‘right feeling’

Module 4: Teaching applications, planning for your students.

Delivery strategies include: movement observations, tactile feedback and mobilisation of joints, discussion, role plays, reflective practices. The program is highly practical and interactive, please bring along your instrument, piano provided in the space.


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Text Book

Body Mapping, a system of relating movement to body structure developed by Barbara Conable (USA), has been widely adopted in the USA and Europe by musicians and musical institutions.  The copy of the text “What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Body” by Barbara Conable is included in the registration fee.

The Teacher

Greg Holdaway has over twenty years experience teaching Musicians and Music Teachers the Alexander technique. He has taught at many Performing Arts institutions and is currently on-staff at the Mitchell Conservatorium in Bathurst NSW. He has a Masters in Human Movement which included research into movement reflexes and has a particular interest in the spatial and kinaesthetic aspects of movement contro

Post Training Evaluation

The evaluation process includes face to face discussion with teachers plus follow up survey. Participants will be invited to share their contact details to continue professional discussions and learning post program.

NSW Teachers Institute Accreditation


NSW Institute of Teachers accreditation

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Time and Date

May 23, 2015 / May 24, 2015

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