F.M. Alexander, the originator of the Alexander Technique was a professional reciter and actor. The technique evolved from his discoveries while solving his own voice performance difficulties. There is more information about Alexander and his journey of discovery here.


Voice, Breath and Body

Key to improving and mastering the use of the voice is the interconnectedness of your voice and breath with the coordination of your whole body. Each voice is unique, not just as a product of individual physical differences, such as gender and size, but also as a function of the distinctive habitual use of the vocal mechanisms demonstrated by each person.

Habits of vocal use can be difficult to change due to their connection with broader habits of coordination that are largely unconscious, this applies particularly to people who have committed a lot of time and energy into vocal training and practise over time.

Alexander’s process promotes a return to ease and balance of the whole person, that provides the foundation for increases in range, projection and power in dynamic voice performance.


Thank you thank you thank you. You’ve helped me take a huge step with my voice that I couldn’t have taken without you.

Sarah Court, Mezzo-soprano

Some challenges faced by singers and other voice users that the Alexander Technique can help with include:

  • Generalised tension associated with performance anxiety
  • Unnecessary physical effort
  • Holding back in the torso while trying to ‘project’ the voice forwards
  • Creating physiological resonating space
  • Opening the mouth sufficiently
  • Mis-mapping of the TMJ (jaw joint). See the fascinating action of the TMJ here: Jaw movement animation
  • Doming of the soft palette and releasing tension in the throat.
  • Shaping of vowels and articulation of consonants
  • Refining the tuning of the voice via the vocal folds
  • Producing higher notes
  • Sustaining the sound and the timing of breathing
  • Pushing down on the body while exhaling
  • Accuracy of the physiological map of how breathing works
  • Getting “set” in preparation to sing
  • Connection with the Audience
  • and more!



Professional voice users will find benefit in attending private lessons and general Alexander activity based classes.

BodyTune: Breathing & Sound workshop, one day intensive professional workshop, find out more here

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Voice and the Alexander Technique

For more systematic investigation of voice function in relation to Alexander technique we offer dedicated Voice and Alexander technique classes. These classes use the book and CD “Voice and the Alexander Technique” by Jane Heirch as a guide. Review and buy.


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The technique has been fantastic in helping me to be more aware of how I am moving and expressing myself while performing. Like FM Alexander himself, I was experiencing soreness in the throat after longer performances. Studying under Greg’s tuition, I found how to avoid strain and soreness and give an even better presentation at the same time.

Greg North. Performance Poet


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