Medical and clinical experts are united in telling you what to do to manage your back pain.

They have excellent advice:

  • Use relaxation techniques to keep stress down
  • Use good body mechanics
  • Maintain well balanced posture
  • Exercise regularly

Where the experts let you down is in teaching you HOW to do these activities. Changing your posture is tricky! You sit straight for a moment then it hurts so you slump again!  Alexander Technique will make it easy to find your natural well balanced posture.

We help you learn HOW to manage your everyday activities

Small group classes

Sundays 2 – 4pm or Mondays 6-8pm, St Leonards

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Well balanced posture & understanding your own body mechanics – is exactly what you learn in Alexander Technique classes.  The information you learn you will be applying immediately in your everyday activity. Learning the Alexander Technique is very practical.

You learn practical tools to manage your co ordination. Learning Alexander Technique pinpoints your personal ‘balanced posture’ and ‘ good body mechanics’.

Small group classes  & private lessons are in St Leonards, Sydney.


 I was in a desperate situation trying to break free of constant spinal discomfort. Alexander gave me the skills to manage my condition very effectively… It is very real.

Dave Starr, Sydney

British Medical Journal Cover

Alexander Technique is proven to help for lower back pain, evidence from the Randomised controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain. British Medical Journal, Published 19 August 2008.

Recent back pain research advocates structured integrated programs where you get education for daily life – Alexander Technique lessons will give you this!


Just changing your thinking, or doing exercise alone is not as effective as combining them into a structured program of activity and education

Dr Michael Vagg, clinical senior lecturer at Deakin University School of Medicine and pain specialist at Barwon Health, 2012


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