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We will contact everyone that applies for the BodyMinded Professional training to answer your questions and also to make sure that the BodyMinded training is going to be effective and relevant for your needs.

Once we accept you into the BodyMinded training we actively invest our time and energy to make sure you achieve the goals of the program and gain personal and professional benefits.

For detailed information about the BodyMinded training, please refer to our information pack. Here you will gain an overview of the curriculum, the scope and goals of the training plus the logistic details for the training. Please email to request a copy.

Thanks and we look forward to receiving your application for BodyMinded 2018.

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 Anatomy, Biomechanics and Alexander Technique – Sydney Anatomy, Biomechancis and Alexander Technique – Brisbane Communications, Coaching and Alexander Technique – Sydney

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 I am new to Alexander Technique I have started learning Alexander Technique I have done some Alexander Technique many years ago I have done more than 10 lessons/classes in the last year I have done many years of Alexander Technique study I am an Alexander Technique teacher

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(Here are some examples for your reference “I am a Jazz performer for about 15 years and I also teach music. I am a proud parent of 2 young boys and my family loves camping” another example “I am a grandmother of 4. I am now retired from a career in teaching. I have an active interest in my health, meditation, yoga and Buddhism”)

Please tell us your motivation for joining the BodyMinded training, what do you need personally?Is there specific activity or context you will be to applying the BodyMinded approach?

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