BodyMinded Training Music Scholarships

Two 50% scholarships, each worth $1980

One 50% scholarship for a full time music teacher. 

One 50% scholarship for a full time tertiary music student. 

What is the BodyMinded training?

BodyMinded is a professional training, bringing together in a unique way Alexander Technique, applied Antomy and Biomechanics.

Understand about biomechanics 'the science of movement' and application to music making.

Develop new plans for coaching your students and playing in a healthy& safe way for yourself.

The scholarship opportunties are to join the BodyMined class of 2017, a one year part time professional training.

Scholarship timeline: 

Applications Now Open

Applications close 12 March

Audition classes 13/3, 14/3

Scholarship offers made 31 March 2017


Step 1.

Find out more about the BodyMinded Professional training.

Check you are eligible to apply.

Ensure you can attend all the workshop days.

More information about the BodyMinded training is here

Step 2.

Complete the application form with teacher and/or personal references and submit by 12 March 2017

Complete the application form.

Step 3.

Attend an audition class (no preparation required) on either Mon 13, Tues 14 or Wed 15 March. This is a low stress audition, mostly we want to get to know you. It is an opportunity for you to be clear about the BodyMinded training.

Book your audition class here

Do you have questions? Please ask...

Scholarship Details:

There are two 50% scholarships on offer. Each scholarship is worth $1980

One scholarship place is for a full time tertiary Music student.

One scholarship place is for a full time Music teacher.

All instruments, musical styles and abilities are welcome to apply.

To be considered for a scholarship place you need to demosntrate your ability to meet the learning outcomes of the BodyMinded training and be able to share your knowledge with your peers and the music community.

Scholarship holders will be awarded 50% of the professioanl training fees, $1980.

Scholars accept they will pay 50% of the BodyMinded training fee (payment plan available); be engaged in promotional activities and provide a short report on their experiences as a BodyMinded scholar.

Selection of BodyMinded scholars is at the discretion of the owners of Sydney Alexander Technique, and their decision will be final.

Please send me your contact details and I will get in touch to answer your questions

I will get back to you personally - to answer your questions about the scholarship process.

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