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What is the BodyMinded Program About?

A unique blend of scientifically accurate information with overall co-ordination integrated with practical application of principles of the Alexander Technique.
The core principle is the unity of BODY – MIND integration.  Every action is an action of the whole-self, mindfulness of the whole enhances the quality of co-ordination of the parts.
The BodyMinded approach is based on 3 phases of change; co-ordination, action planning and spatial & body knowledge. The BodyMinded training incorporates the principles of mindfulness & unity of mind and body.

Who is the training for?

The BodyMinded approach is appropriate and effective in many kinds of professional applications such as: music teaching, musical performance, acting, yoga practice, yoga teaching, massage professional practice, meditation and martial arts teachers and for personal growth and change outcomes.

What are the key outcomes?

Each of the BodyMinded teaching team works with you to achieve:

1.     A deep understanding of the principles of the BodyMinded approach and the ability to action these into your daily life

2.     Recognising and working with the integration of mind and body with those you teach/ coach. An understanding of the various processes within the BodyMinded approach and the ability to map these into specific professional contexts

3.     Revealing your own thinking and moving habits and how to constructively create positive change for yourself

Key Dates

Early bird special closes: 22nd December 2017


Sydney – St Leonards, NSW

Brisbane –  Taringa Centre, 200 Mogill Rd, Taringa





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