The Alexander technique is an education and reconditioning of your posture and movement. It is learnt in private lessons, small group classes and intensive workshops.

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Key points:

  • You will remain clothed
  • You will practise basic movements such as sitting, standing, reaching and bending
  • You will be assisted in activities you are particularly interested in or have difficulty with, such as instrument playing, singing, sports or yoga movements etc.
  • You may lie down on a massage table where the teacher assists with gentle guidance

A few sessions may be enough to address a particular problem. Maximum benefit can be gained by attending a series of lessons or classes where the teacher assists you to make changes in your way of moving that lead to fundamental improvements in your physical condition over time.

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The Process

Learning involves both verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance from the teacher, followed up by personal practise. The Alexander Principles may be applied differently to address your unique character and situation. A private lesson is recommended to begin, as we can discuss your needs and situation and work out what will be best for you.


  • Learning self-observation skill and choice with regards to habits and actions


  • Coordination, Mapping, ActionLearning to direct the moving relationships of your head, spine, pelvis and legs – take the pressure off!


  • Becoming familiar with how your body is structured for activity in order to consciously cooperate with yourself

Action Planning

  • Understanding how to approach specific actions you wish to do – Action Planning


  •  and practising this in a range of activities.

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Often classes start with sitting and standing, however the teacher will work with you in any activity you choose.

The aim is to:

  1. Get rid of interference with natural movement and posture
  2. Stimulate reflex responses that support and control your movement in order to recondition your body
  3. Help you to think clearly about what you are doing with regards to what you wish to achieve


 I found the Alexander Technique like an instruction book on how to use my body.

Greg North (Champion Australian Bush Poet)


See the What is the Alexander Technique for basic information and More about Alexander Technique for a more indepth discussion on the process and the Principles.

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