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Are you looking for new ways to achieve your professional goals and  apply the principles of the Alexander Technique into your daily life?


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Greg Holdaway, Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique is one of Australia’s leading Alexander Technique senior teachers with extensive experience working with musicians, coaches, yoga and pilates professionals and  people seeking personal ease and comfort with improved posture and coordination.

Greg empowers you to discover deeper insights about the body, mind and movement relationship along the journey to foster positive change in your life.

The poise, balance, power and grace we see developing in young children are gifted to us as the foundations for the learning of all things in life.

This weekend workshop will introduce you to the BodyMinded approach which is based on three process that support high performance, safety and skill:

1. Wholistic delightfully natural coordination
2. Conscious cooperation with human design
3. Constructive, well- structured action plans.

Practical and applied learning.


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Content makes so much sense it is a wonder involvement in such is not a prerequisite to gaining qualifications as an instrument teacher”


This workshop is the first in a connected series of workshops, study and professional training we are bringing to Brisbane.  We invite you to come to this weekend with the option of joining the broader training if it resonates for you.

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