How to Guide: Learning NEW Movement Habits, part 4

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Kathy Driscoll

How to guide: LEARNING NEW movement habits…

4 part series to support the changes you want to make

Part 1: Emerging from NOT knowing – seeing your habits!

Part 2: Consciously exploring new pathways

Part 3: New Normal Emerges

Part 4: New Habits formed – celebrate the wins!



New Habits formed – celebrate the wins!

With continued practice (that simply means remembering your BodyMinded principles) the old pathways become no longer active. Repetition is the key to building new habits.


There is a tipping point for everyone – of course for each person their tipping point is different!  There will be a point in time when you have established NEW patterns and they can run in the background like patterns/ habits should!


The good news is that it becomes easier and easier to access your poise & co-ordination and apply these into any aspect of your life you choose.


The benefits that flow from your efforts are more creativity and resilience.  The BodyMinded approach started as a need to ‘fix’ something you didn’t want, like or perhaps something that was causing you harm. When you get to this fourth stage in habit forming it is like a return to the start where you can trust your habits to be helping you and they operate mostly outside your conscious awareness.


If at any time you need to activate your BodyMinded thinking it is simply a well practice type of thinking for constructive change.


Today’s task is to

Imagine how you will celebrate your success!  Celebration of change is good for you!  The journey took you from not seeing or being aware of thinking movement habits to forming new healthy habits.  These can last a lifetime.Celebrate Your success


To get to this fourth stage in your learning of new habits needs energy and motivation from you. To give yourself the support you need to form new habits – recapping my suggestions so far…

-       Find an Alexander teacher/ BodyMinded coach for external feedback

-       Set up prompts inside your daily routine for practice

-       Keep your motivation fresh with your style of inspiration

-       Plan to succeed and celebrate your wins too!


Good luck!  Let me know how you go forming new movement and thinking habits.

We’d love to help you and be your support towards positive change.

About Kathy Driscoll

I want to share my insights and a few stories about Alexander Technique with you. I’ve used Alexander Technique in some extreme circumstances including the birth of my twins and when I had appendicitis!  I also use Alexander Technique for everyday activities as well.

I have been involved with Alexander Technique for more than 25 years.  I meet Greg Holdaway (Director of Sydney Alexander Technique) just as he was transitioning from a professional career as a dancer into Bill Brenner’s Alexander Technique teacher training program in Sydney.

Greg now has been teaching for decades, he remains passionate and totally focused on positive results for those he works with, which now include his own teacher training program.



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