New Year, New You – Finding New Grooves!


Kathy Driscoll

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Another New Year is upon us and it’s exactly that, a new 12 months of possibilities, ideas, and resolutions for change. During this annual reset of goals, many people treat their resolutions as temporary flings rather than long-term pathways to improvement. By the time February features on the calendar, many people find themselves back in the drive-through, back on the couch, and back in a slump.


One of the most famous Alexander Technique ideas is that “you can’t change and be the same.” One of the biggest secrets to forming new habits is to sacrifice something, in order to create space for a new action or behaviour. For example, resolutions for healthier eating usually sacrifice convenience, fitness goals may sacrifice a morning sleep-in, or goals for saving money mean forgoing lavish or impulsive purchases. It’s important to know and be clear about what you are giving up and realise that the exchange is worthwhile.


Habits are ‘grooves’ in our nervous system, allowing a kind of automated response to efficiently discern between choices without the constant strain of decision-making. However, when these habits hinder us from being healthy, productive or happy, it is time for change. Habits are entrenched routines and they take time to retrain, but practice makes perfect.



The Alexander Technique promotes the formation of new habits as it focuses on consciousness and creating new mental pathways. The Alexander Technique’s technical term is using ‘inhibition’ to change your thinking and moving. It’s all about consistent mindful moments that retrain your nervous system to work more effectively.


When we clink our glasses and cheer as the clock changes to January 2017, focus on your New Year. Whether it is for body awareness or other lifestyle changes, make each decision count in committing to the new you.  Best of Luck for 2017!


About Kathy Driscoll

I want to share information, insights and a few stories about Alexander Technique with you. I’ve used Alexander Technique in some extreme circumstances including the birth of my twins and when I had appendicitis!  I also use Alexander Technique for everyday activities.  For me it helps me in many ways lead a more mindful life.

I have been involved with Alexander Technique for more than 25 years.  I meet Greg Holdaway (Director of Sydney Alexander Technique) just as he was transitioning from a professional career as a dancer into Bill Brenner’s Alexander Technique teacher training program in Sydney.

Greg now has been teaching for decades, he remains passionate and totally focused on positive results for those he works with, which now include his own Alexander teacher training program.

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