What is Posture Fitness Coaching?

Posture Fitness is coaching to change harmful posture habits into healthy habits based on BodyMinded Alexander Technique. Posture Fitness helps you learn ‘easy to do anywhere’ techniques to be more upright, balanced and comfortable.

Helps your posture, desk work, managing pain, walking, running, driving and many other activities in your day.

Our coaching is personal and tailored to your specific needs.  Wonderfully caring coaches with comprehensive skills in working with you towards moving with ease. Coaching includes gentle ‘hands on’ guidance for your most efficient posture.

No equipment or experience is required. Posture Fitness will help you prevent injury and manage existing conditions.

Posture Fitness coaching can be 1:1 sessions or you can share your time with another person. Come with a sister, friend or your partner and share a session for the same price.

What are Posture Fitness key outcomes?


  • Improved posture and movement in everyday life
  • Personalised action plans for your daily activities
  • Skill improvement in sports, music practise and other interests
  • Enhanced self- awareness and knowledge about your movement habits
  • Self -management tips for challenging circumstances, understanding your triggers for poor posture

Who is Posture Fitness for?

Posture Fitness can help with many types of challenges: back aches, headaches, tension and discomfort, collapsed posture, sore knees, tennis elbow, rounded shoulders. People recovering from injury or managing chronic conditions learn practical tips for self- management. Posture Fitness gives you a new way of moving, it is a supported educational journey.

Posture Fitness clinic hours

Mondays 9am – 3:00 pm

Tuesdays 9am – 3:00 pm

Wednesday 9am – 1 pm

Thursdays 9am – 1pm

Last appointment 45 mins before clinic closing.

Lessons are offered at St Leonards, Sydney. By appointment only.

Launch Special

Pay for 2 coaching sessions and get 2 for free – YES! 4 coaching sessions for $132 (GST incl) Total price $132. Valid for 3 months from time of purchase Launch special available until 5 December 2018. Single coaching session $66

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