The AT Birth Book

Alana Machover

Extract from Alana Machover…

Since many women find it helpful to go on all fours during labour, I looked for a way of making this stance more dynamic and integrating it with the principles of the Alexander Technique. I devised what I call the “pear movement”: the woman is on all fours and, with her head leading, her body describes the shape of a pear parallel to the floor. Incidentally, this shape also echoes the outline of the uterus. The pear movement is useful in encouraging her to free her joints and prevent tension from accumulating, especially in the shoulders, arms and lower back. With her neck free and her head leading the movement, her back lengthens and widens, so that it does not sag and create tension in the lumbar area.

Although the idea of natural childbirth has gained some popularity, it is still not easy to achieve in our technological Western society. The Alexander Technique can provide a feasible route to what many women are seeking.


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