This book provides an in-depth introduction to the Alexander technique in the context of Yoga practice.

Karyn Chapman has pioneered a new approach to yoga practice that is complemented by the intelligence of the Alexander Technique. Over the past 25 years she has been instrumental in many Australian Yoga teachers undertaking Alexander Technique teacher training to combine these two professions.

Kate Morris is Alexander teacher, yoga teacher and has a PhD in ethics and public health. The practice of yoga postures as a means to improve human movement was an integral part of her Alexander Technique training and she has been teaching the combination since 2001. Her teaching of  yoga practices including postures, breathing and mediation, is imbued with the wisdom of the Alexander technique approach.


Quote from the book

“In Yoga practice, it is most important that a posture of asana can be practiced with freedom – in particular, freedom from unnecessary tension. This desire, combined with attention to the alignment of the body will ensure that when you move to and from different postures, or hold particular postures, the integrity of your spine is protected together with the function of the pose…

The Alexander Technique can help the yoga practitioner with these challenges. FM Alexander used the term ‘means-whereby’ to describe the process of reasoning out the steps involved in graceful and efficient performance of various tasks. It not only means thinking through the steps of each posture, it refers to our commitment to staying present in each moment, allowing the balance of effort and release to take place. We should approach each yoga posture in this way. Thinking about the ‘means-whereby’ helps to focus on the journey rather than rushing to get to the end.”


Contents include

  • Philosophy
  • Unhelpful postural habits and how to avoid them
  • The foundations of effective posture (asana) practice
  • Breathing, meditation and relaxation
  • Yoga and the Alexander Technique practice
    • with 10 practical sections on different asana series


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