Greg Ford – Alexander Teacher

Greg commenced violin lessons at the age of 13. He made very rapid progress and after 2 years became a student at the Conservatorium High in Sydney.

However enormous tension and poor teaching severely impeded his progress and by the end of high school he suffered from a great deal of back pain and stiffness as well as confusion and anxiety about “correct” posture and technique with the violin.

In 1982, after graduating from Sydney Conservatorium, Greg broke his left wrist and was unable to play for almost a year and it was at this time he began to have regular AT lessons that very quickly eased his aches and pains and brought much more freedom, insight and clarity to the way he was moving, (including playing the violin and viola).

The opportunity to train as an Alexander Technique teacher arose in early 1983 and commenced his three year training programme then in the first training course in Sydney.

Since that time Greg has had a very busy performing career as a violist playing with most of the major orchestras in Australia, including the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Symphony, Melbourne Symphony and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. During that time he has also been a very active teacher of the Alexander Technique in private practice as well as on AT teacher training courses in Sydney and Melbourne. He has undertaken much post graduate training with internationally renowned teachers including Marjorie Barstow, John Nicholls, Cathy Madden,Marta Hunter and more recently, Caren Bayer.

Greg is passionate about learning and teaching the Alexander Technique work and although many of his students have been musicians and other performers he is equally as interested in teaching people from all walks of life. He has had much experience working with people suffering with RSI and related conditions, performance anxiety issues. He has presented many workshops and courses and recently has taught Alexander Technique classes for musicians at the Australian Institute of Music, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. He has also run courses at RPA hospital and the Rachel Foster Hospital in Sydney.

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