Rosemary Lambeth – Alexander Technique Teacher

My introduction to the Alexander Technique in the 1980′s was through attending yoga classes with a teacher trained in the Technique. 
After obtaining a Science degree in Advanced Nursing it became evident to me that there was a missing link between the intellectual knowledge I had of anatomy and physiology and its application. What I was seeking turned out to be F.M. Alexander’s concept of “use”.

Working as a Registered Nurse for 25 years in major teaching hospitals I became interested in the value of empowering patients to participate and indeed take some responsibility for their own health: the field of preventative medicine. Confirmation of the ability to consciously change our own neurology is now widely accepted by the scientific community; Alexander Technique I see as one of the methodologies for creating personal change.

Training in the Alexander Technique with Bill Brenner gave me a framework within which I could apply the principles of the Technique to explore these ideas. I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for 15 years.

My other passion is travel, regularly trekking in the Himalayan Region. Having studied French for 7 years I take the opportunity to visit France whenever time allows.

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