The Alexander Technique and mastering public speaking


Kathy Driscoll

The fear of public speaking


Did you know that most people in the world fear public speaking more than death itself? Glossophobia (or speech anxiety) is the fear of speaking in public or speaking in general. Although it is a common phobia for people whom suffer social anxiety, many people without social anxiety also suffer this condition. We’re sure you know the feeling: rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, dry throat, flushed cheeks, shaking hands and heavy breathing. You glance around at staring eyes and you are convinced if you open your mouth no words will come out. We’ve all been there at some point or another and unfortunately for most of us, public speaking is something that we can’t avoid forever. Whether it’s a speech at school, a work presentation or meeting or a panel discussion, it’s important to learn how to cope with a fear of public speaking.



How can the Alexander Technique help?


The Alexander Technique can help both novice and experienced speakers improve their performance. By adopting the Alexander Technique while speaking in public, you will learn how to focus your mind and body in order to stay in the moment. This will allow you to enjoy and relish the experience of public speaking, rather than simply enduring it. This technique can improve your posture and movement in order to limit, and eventually eliminate, fidgeting. Postural training will also allow you to project your voice clearly to your audience without straining or yelling. With practice you will be able to resist the urge to rush your delivery and learn to pace your speech so you can be clearly understood by your audience. Eventually, you will be able to keep composure before, during and after speaking. As an added benefit, learning how to control your body in times of stress means that you can reduce muscular tension, headaches and neck pain that often result from a fear of public speaking.

Whether you have a fear of public speaking, or you simply want to hone your craft, the Alexander Technique can help you. With a little practice and guidance, anyone can become a better more confident public speaker.


About Kathy Driscoll

I want to share information, insights and a few stories about Alexander Technique with you. I’ve used Alexander Technique in some extreme circumstances including the birth of my twins and when I had appendicitis!  I also use Alexander Technique for everyday activities as well.

I have been involved with Alexander Technique for more than 25 years.  I meet Greg Holdaway (Director of Sydney Alexander Technique) just as he was transitioning from a professional career as a dancer into Bill Brenner’s Alexander Technique teacher training program in Sydney.

Greg now has been teaching for decades, he remains passionate and totally focused on positive results for those he works with, which now include his own teacher training program.


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