Will it snow? Does Alexander Technique help keep you warm?


 Kathy Driscoll

I’m writing this to you and the dark clouds are looming.  

There is excitement here in the upper Blue Mountains – maybe we’ll get snow today?!

Greg recently told a story in class about an experiment he did in relation to Alexander Technique and keeping warm in cold weather.  His questions was “if I stop squeezing myself will I feel any colder?” or stated in a more standard way ‘Would using Alexander Technique thinking change how he experienced the cold?’  Greg is always exploring how Alexander Technique influences, changes, informs situations – I’m used to it now after so many years…. it is his enquiring nature to be asking questions.

So the answer, from this personal study, sample size group of one!  Alexander Technique did not change his body temperature (measured subjectively) yet his capacity to be present and not add stress and tightness to his ‘cold-ness’ did change his experience of the cold weather.

He didn’t feel any cold-er when he asked for good co-ordination, so the ‘squeezing’ in response to being cold wasn’t really helping at all!

In Alexander Technique, teachers often talk about the space or time between stimulus and response.  This ‘gap‘ when you notice it, gives you choice.

Give it a try. When walking next outside, notice if you are tensing in relation to the cold weather or squeezing your eyes against the glare of the sun?  How to respond is key.  Mostly we respond with habits – so with no thought or choice.

We, of course, suggest you use your Alexander Technique thinking and ask for good co-ordination. Then it is also wise to make sure you have enough warm clothes on or sunglasses etc as needed as well.

I’ve also had excellent success in using Alexander Technique thinking when in challenging situations with teenagers – and noticing or ‘minding’ that ‘gap‘ between the stimulus and how I want to respond is very helpful.


 Has anyone else done personal experiments like this with Alexander Technique and different situations?



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I want to share information, insights and a few stories about Alexander Technique with you. I’ve used Alexander Technique in some extreme circumstances including the birth of my twins and when I had appendicitis!  I also use Alexander Technique for everyday activities as well.

I have been involved with Alexander Technique for more than 25 years.  I meet Greg Holdaway (Director of Sydney Alexander Technique) just as he was transitioning from a professional career as a dancer into Bill Brenner’s Alexander Technique teacher training program in Sydney.

Greg now has been teaching for decades, he remains passionate and totally focused on positive results for those he works with, which now include his own teacher training program.


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