Come explore your Yoga practice with Alexander Technique principles

The Alexander technique is a perfect compliment to your Yoga practise.

Explore the fine-tuning of your self direction, and learn to cooperate fully with your anatomical structure with the application of Alexander technique principles to your Yoga.

We focus on the process of moving into your asanas, the transitions between poses and the facilitation of antigravity and movement coordination reflexes for ease, power and balance.BOOK HERE


Choose from 16 September, 21 October, 4 November 2018

St Leonards, Sydney NSW $99 (GST incl)

Strictly limited numbers – small intimate workshop. Ideal introduction to Alexander Technique.

Outcomes of the workshop

  • Practical Introduction to Alexander Technique principles
  • Application of psycho-physical wholeness to asanas
  • Insight into your own moving and thinking habits
  • Enhanced spatial awareness for your practice
  • Each participant will gain personal 1:1 feedback from the trainers

 Who is this workshop for?

  • Ideal for Yoga teachers – all styles welcome
  • Highly relevant for serious Yoga students
  • Yoga Australia members can credit this workshop towards their professional learning

Where: St Leonards, Sydney

10 am – 1pm. Choose from the following dates:  16 Sept, 21 Oct, 4 Nov

Maximum 8 students.


Greg Holdaway and Yoga student



“It is so helpful now to be able to recognise how the tension I experience in my neck and shoulders relates to how I am using my body. By using some simple techniques to be clearer in my intentions for my body movement and being more mindful I am now carrying out simple day to day tasks with more ease”

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