BodyMinded Scholarships 2020


Our BodyMinded Training Program is a unique blend of the study of human movement integrated with the practical application of Alexander Technique principles. BodyMinded has been helping and upskilling Musicians, Music Teachers, Yoga/Pilates Teachers and BodyWorkers since 2012. The core principle explored throughout this program is Mind-Body Unity, in which every action is an action of the whole-self.

Your invitation to Apply

2020 BodyMinded Scholarships

About the scholarships

There are 3 Scholarship categories

One full-time tertiary Performance student,

one scholarship for a full-time Music Teacher and

one scholarship for a Yoga or Pilates teacher will be awarded for study in the 2020 program.

The scholarship places are for talented and motivated professionals that demonstrate their capacity to be upskilled in the BodyMinded approach and apply into their own practice and/or teaching practice.

More information Contact Kathy kathy@atsyd.com or call her 0437 405 407.

What is the program all about?

When you move, you move as a whole. There is a complex relationship of your physical structure (muscle, bones, nervous system) and your thinking (motivation, intention, goals, internal mapping of movement). BodyMinded training will help you to understand and navigate this complex landscape.

In the BodyMinded Training Program you will learn the relevant anatomical & biomechanical information in an applied way. The course has strong theoretical and research basis, however is presented in a practical manner. No prior anatomy or biomechanical study is required. You will be able to apply your new knowledge and insights into your personal and professional life immediately.

Why apply?


Australian research has revealed that 84% of professional orchestral musicians suffer injury that interferes with their performance.

Proactive measures are always best to establish positive sustainable movement habits. Working with a BodyMinded approach gives you the foundation for a long career in music as a performer or as a teacher. Becoming a BodyMinded music teacher will give you confidence that your teaching is safe and healthy for your students.

If you are struggling now with injury or pain then undertaking the BodyMinded training is likely to turn around your playing and bring back the joy!

On successful completion of the BodyMinded training, graduates are permitted to use the BodyMinded logo and promote themselves as BodyMinded Professionals.


BodyMinded training will help develop your professional capacities by teaching you to navigate the relationship between naturally self-organised coordination and deliberately chosen actions. It offers a systematic anatomical refinement of your ability, with a deliberately constructive approach to problem solving and instruction.

On successful completion of the BodyMinded training, graduates are permitted to use the BodyMinded logo and promote themselves as BodyMinded Professionals.

Key Dates

2020 scholarships are now open, all categories.

Tertiary Performance Student Scholarship Closes Friday 18 October

Tertiary Performance Scholarship interviews 21- 31 October

Teacher Scholarship (Music, Yoga and Pilates) Closes Friday 28 November

Teacher Scholarship interviews 1-6 December

Teacher Scholarships announced 16 December

2020 Key dates

Online live classes, private coaching and the study notes distribution begin in February 2020.

Sydney Intensive workshop 2020

Block 1: 16-19 April

Block 2: 9–12 July

Block 3: 8- 11 October

Brisbane Intensive workshop days:

Block 1: 4-7 April

Block 2: 2-5 July

Block 3: 24-27 September

Eligibility Criteria


1.      Performance student applicants: You will be a full time tertiary Performance student in 2020, any institution or year of study. All instruments, musical genres, dance, acting, musical theatre and other performance genres are welcome to apply. are

2.     Music Teacher applicants: You are an active music teacher in private studio practice or based in the school system (state or private) and teaching music is your main professional area of work

3.     Yoga and Pilates applicants: You are an active teacher or practitioner, Yoga or Pilates is your main professional area of work. You are enthusiastic about helping your students/clients by continual improvement in your own practise and teaching skills.

3.     Available and willing to commit to attend all 12 workshop days in 2020, each workshop 9am – 4pm.  There will be training workshops in Sydney and Brisbane. Sydney training is 3 intensives of 4 days each. Brisbane training is 3 intensives of 4 days each. All intensives are in public school holidays of the state they are held in.

4. Successful scholarship awardees will be give a  50% reduction in training fees, the remaining amount of  $2250 will be payable (note: generous payment plan arrangements are available).

5. Successful scholarship awardee agree to be photographed and interviewed to promote the scholarship.

Application Process

1. Complete the online application form. Organise your reference from a current teacher (tertiary students) or a professional peer referee (music teachers, yoga and pilates teachers).

Submit your application before 18 October (Tertiary Performance) or 28th November (Music, Yoga or Pilates Teacher).
2. All applicants will be contacted and those that are short listed will be invited to an online interview
3. All applicants will be given feedback and told the outcome of the scholarship process by 16 December 2019 (earlier for the tertiary students).

Selection Criteria

The scholarships will be awarded based on written application and online interview. Applicants will be ranked in relation to
1. Eligibility, including ability to attend all the workshop days & reference from teacher or professional peer
2. Demonstration of interest, curiosity and eagerness to learn
3. Potential for incorporating the BodyMinded approach into professional practice (performing and/or teaching)
4. Financial circumstances (including but not limited to geographical location)
5. Potential to positively contribute to a healthier community using the BodyMinded approach (music, performance, yoga and or Pilates).


The application form is now live please click through to the application form.

Questions? Please contact Kathy at  kathy@atsyd.com or call her on 0437 405 407.