Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Alexander Technique Teacher Training

YOU can become a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique.


You will study a three year syllabus with the outcome of being a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. With a structure learning program and flexible study options, you will gain a myriad of valuable practical skills that you can apply to your profession, your practice and your daily life.

Our teaching program is accredited by the Australia Society of Alexander Teachers (AUSTAT Inc.) and director Greg Holdaway is also a sponsoring member of Alexander Technique International (ATI Inc.). We invite you to visit one of our training classes in person to get a first hand idea of how it works.


Evolution of Self

During your first year of study, we will cover:

  • Foundational Alexander work
  • Movement Pattern & Behavioural Pattern recognition
  • Text studies: FM Alexander, Frank Pierce Jones and Michael Bloch
  • Alexander Technique teaching styles: Marjorie Barstow Patrick McDonald,
  • Walter Carrington, Dick and Elisabeth Walker and the Barlows
  • Anatomy and Physiology Personal movement project

Developing Teaching Skills

During your second year of study, we will cover:

  • Hands-on Skills
  • Structure of learning Motor skills
  • Teachers Language Models
  • Group Teaching
  • First Lesson
  • Teaching strategies and games
  • Teaching State 

Evolving Your Teaching

During your third year of study, we will cover:

  • Practical teaching practise – student teacher clinic
  • Planning group classes
  • Client management
  • Understanding client groups
  • Presenting Alexander’s Technique/presentation skills
  • Business skills
  • External electives: Certificate IV Training and Assessment Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety First Aid Certificate


When: The Alexander Teacher Training Program is taught during the NSW school term with structured learning modules each week. This is a 3-year course.
Where: Taught in person at St Leonards, or flexible study options are available


“Apart from the amazing facts about coordination, Alexander Technique also taught me an extremely important message – it is not about capabilities but about choices. Even though I have been developing this false posture for over ten years, I believe that I will fix my problem one day because I will choose to put effort in changing the way I play, as well as the way I think. Since the workshop, whenever I play the piano I felt more freedom and connected with every note I pressed.”
Amy Kang

“I find this (program) very exciting, inspiring and invigorating. I guess that’s why I am always interested in doing more Alexander Technique! As a music teacher, I find that I am constantly incorporating what I have learnt from Alexander Technique lessons into my work in preparing HSC Music students for performance. The workshops provide an excellent foundation for teachers to be able to more accurately observe students’ postural and technical habits and provide them with more refined feedback to enhance their efficiency, mastery and, therefore, artistry on their instrument/ voice.”
Nadia Fried

Interested in becoming a qualified Alexander Technique teacher?

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