Alexander Technique Weekend Intensive (Brisbane)

Alexander Technique Weekend Intensive (Brisbane)

Are you looking for new ways to achieve your professional goals and apply the principles of the Alexander Technique into your daily life?


Greg Holdaway, Training Director at Sydney Alexander Technique is one of Australia’s leading Alexander Technique senior teachers with extensive experience working with musicians, coaches, yoga and pilates professionals and people seeking personal ease and comfort with improved posture and coordination.

Greg empowers you to discover deeper insights about the body, mind and movement relationship along the journey to foster positive change in your life.

The poise, balance, power and grace we see developing in young children are gifted to us as the foundations for the learning of all things in life.


This weekend workshop will introduce you to the BodyMinded approach which is based on three processes that support high performance, safety and skill:

  • Holistic, natural coordination
  • Conscious cooperation with human design
  • Constructive, well-structured action planning


This workshop is the first in a connected series of workshops, study and professional training we are bringing to Brisbane. We invite you to come to this weekend with the option of joining the broader training if it resonates with you.

This weekend workshop intensive is appropriate and effective in many kinds of professional applications such as: music teaching, musical performance, acting, yoga practice, yoga teaching, massage professional practice, meditation and martial arts teachers and for personal growth and change outcomes.


When: 9am – 4pm | 6th – 7th October 2018
Where: Brisbane
For student and low wage discounts please contact us.


“For me, the most important take out from Alexander Technique sessions has been the approach to teaching itself – no longer do I subscribe to a didactic “this is what you must do” but am able to give students an approach that allows them to see that they have choices in learning an instrument and while performing. ”

“I’m just focusing on really cementing the new habit of being mindful and remembering, and it has slowed down my practice. I can really see the results – everything flows more naturally when I’m properly aware of my body.”

“I have been working with Greg Holdaway for over five years, and during that time my approach to instrumental playing and teaching has undergone a dramatic shift. I have become more aware of the anatomy and physical structure of the human body, and how to apply that knowledge to moving freely and well when performing activities. I am more cognisant of the ‘bad habits’ and tensions that have hampered my playing in the past, and have developed the self-awareness and skills to counteract these problems.”

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