Cathy Madden: a Wonderful Blue Mountains Weekend

Everyday Jazz: Integrating Alexander Technique Into our Daily Lives

Sorry – this event is cancelled due to COVID 19.  New dates for 2021 coming soon.



Come and participate in a special workshop with master international teacher Cathy Madden.


A wealth of experience will be open to you when you work with Cathy, she will give you practical tools to find more freedom and ease in everything you do, and expose you to new approaches to help you overcome your unique set of challenges and goals.


  • Alexander Technique applied to the activities that interest you, from your life (walking, driving, typing, golf, dancing, lifting up children, resting etc)
  • Personal action plans for approaching your challenging moments and actions
  • Increased self awareness to ‘catch’ your thinking habits
  • Direct experience and practice of self kindness


  • Are you looking for deep learning about your thinking and moving habits?
  • Interested in new ideas and ways to think about your challenges (back pain, RSI, headaches, anxiety etc)?
  • Ready to see and experience yourself in a new way?
  • Looking for supportive and holistic learning?


When: 22nd & 23rd August (Saturday & Sunday) 2020, 9:30am – 5pm each day
Where: Location – the beautiful Blue Mountains village of Leura.


“I loved the creative ways in which Cathy expressed to us the power constructive self-talk in her classes. “Are you being kind to yourself?” is a question that you rarely pause to ask yourself, but one that caused me to to re-evaluate what I do on a daily basis.”

“Cathy is a great teacher. Her approach was flexible and down to earth. She led the weekend workshop with lots of wisdom and grace.”

“Cathy’s workshops are always extraordinary. Having a diverse group of people with various amounts of experience in AT, from someone’s first time with the work to experienced teachers, allows me to get views into the technique that I can’t get in a one on one session. With her sense of humour and wealth of experience Cathy provides insights into a huge range of activities such as Tango dancing, (sword) fencing, horse riding, running, ball throwing, so many musical performance activities as well as hanging washing on a line!My last workshop I focused on learning how a master teacher goes about her work and was not disappointed.
Can’t wait for the next one! “

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