Individual Alexander Technique Lessons

Private Alexander Technique Lessons

Access private lessons in person or online.


Get started on a practical understanding and experience of the Alexander Technique.

  • Book a private lesson with one of our qualified teachers
  • Book a private lesson with our Training Director, Greg Holdaway
  • Book an online session with Greg

Greg has over 25 years experience in Alexander Techinque application and education, having taught all over Australia and internationally since 1992. He is experienced working with people with ongoing and chronic discomfort and coordination challenges.

Our online sessions can be held using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom software. Please ensure you have tested your camera, microphone and login details before the lesson. If you would like your lesson recorded please let us know in advance, we can do this for you!


  • One-on-one learning experience with our qualified team
  • Learn the basics of good dynamic posture
  • Learn how to listen and cooperate with your body
  • Increased awareness of your thoughts and movements
  • Learn ways to avoid back pain, neck pain, overuse injuries and instrument carrying related strain
  • Familiarise yourself with the foundations of the Alexander Technique principles
  • (Online only) A recorded copy of your lesson


Our Private Alexander Technique lessons are for everyone! Whether you are looking to improve your performance skill, seeking pain relief, improved posture and coordination, or are just plain curious about Alexander Technique, book a private lesson today for a one-on-one teaching experience.


When: Mondays through Thursdays, weekly
Where: St Leonards, Sydney


“I absolutely LOVED it! My teacher was fabulous and made me feel so comfortable – felt like I was floating for the rest of the day. It was kind of what I expected but so much more.”

“I have been using the skills you taught me and have to say that my life has been improved greatly compared to before. I’m studying at TAFE and I can go through whole days without any discomfort. It’s marvellous!”

“Alexander Technique is for life and living in general. I find myself applying AT principles all the time to assist myself to do daily activities such as driving, walking or pilates classes with more ease and awareness.”

“A Fabulous workshop yesterday with Greg Holdaway- I felt a transformation in the way a thought about my own body and life and how I can apply these ideas to teaching music!”

“Alexander Technique helps me be happier in the doldrums of office culture. I look forward to lessons because they are fun and each time I learn a little more on how to control my reactions which otherwise might be unconscious.”

Single Lessons

With Training Director

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Online Lessons


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