Music, Movement and Mastery (Perth)

Photo Greg and Michael

Music, Movement and Mastery

General Public and Musicians welcome

BodyMinded provides over-all postural balance and coordination, helps you consciously cooperate with your design and clarifies your desired action. Combined these processes liberate you from stress and enable your potential.

Management of injury, creative expression, physical skill, power and ease all benefit from BodyMinded.

Workshop Details

Venue: Trinity College, Perth
Intro workshop: Saturday October 5th, 1- 3pm
Cost: $99.00
Lessons available on Sunday also $99.00

Bookings please email Kathy@atsyd.com or call Greg on 0408 257 174, or book below on the form at the bottom of this page.

For Musicians, playing, performing and teaching music all involve dedication and skill development over time. Along the way, focus on technical aspects of music and the specifics of the movements can prove challenging, and for some are associated with physical and mental stress and strain.

As the actions involved in playing become more and more habituated over time, it is important to provide a solid grounding in posture, balance and ease of movement. We want to avoid and prevent repetitive strain injuries, mental stress and loss of enjoyment as the challenges of playing increase.

This mini-workshop will introduce a practical approach to addressing overall ease, power and balance in coordination, in service of enjoyment and increasing skill over time. The process will assist to create conditions of clarity and focus for performance, while minimising disruption due to nerves and lack of confidence.

Please come prepared to play, to ask questions and explore new ideas.

Presenter: Greg Holdaway has over 30 wonderful years of clinical practice as an Alexander Technique teacher, teaching professional musicians, many people in pain and those recovering from injury etc. Greg has many stories of working with people where they thought there was no hope for improvement!  Consistently they rediscover hope and find new approaches to healthy movement and thinking habits using Alexander Technique principles.

Recently Greg went back to university to complete a Masters in Sports Science, undertaking research into anti-gravity reflexes.  Greg has a special ability to make complex technical and theoretical ideas into practical and applied ideas – ideas that can be used to help you and your students!   The bonus of Greg’s study and skill is that you gain the benefits of his postgraduate study without the need to do all the reading and assessment yourself!

Greg is currently the Director of Sydney Alexander Technique, the only AUSTAT accredited teacher training program in NSW.  Greg is also a Director of Body Chance, Japan, the largest Alexander Technique teacher training school in the world; where he is a regular teacher.

Bookings please email Kathy@atsyd.com or call Greg on 0408 257 174, or book below on the form.