PD events for Pilates Instructors (Sydney)


BodyMinded Alexander Technique for Pilates Instructors

Professional Development points available

Venue: Movement Collective Pymble or BodyMinded St Leonards

Dates: See booking panel below

Time: 1 – 5 pm

Cost: $110.00  Book Now

Pilates instructors and Alexander teachers often face similar questions in practise. How do we address the coordination of the whole person in action, while addressing specific needs or desires for improvement? What is the difference between body-control and body-cooperation? How can we establish the best postural and coordination conditions for ourselves and our clients to promote rehabilitation and health?

In all of these questions there are profound overlaps, and significant differences between the approach taken in Pilates and that taught in the BodyMinded approach.

Learning involves being taken along a path that is both recognisably useful as well as challenging to current understanding and practise. This is our aim in offering insights and methods from the Alexander technique to those using and teaching Pilates method.

Expect lovely discussions, demonstrations and participant exploration of movement.  Leave pondering new ideas and experiences to further explore in your own body and with your clients.

“I find Alexander technique to be a brilliant kinaesthetic language for communicating mindfulness in movement”


More information, call Greg on 0408 257 174