You and Your Instrument

You and Your Instrument

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This class will help you be more comfortable with your instrument using Alexander Technique principles. Get practical tips for healthy and safe ways to hold, carry and organise yourself in relation to your instrument.

This musicians’ class is an injury prevention class plus a great introduction to Alexander Technique principles for musicians.


  • Learn the basics of good dynamic posture
  • Learn how to move with your instrument
  • Learn ways to avoid back pain, neck pain, overuse injuries and instrument carrying related strain


This workshop is ideal for people adjusting to new instruments. Bring your instrument along (we have a piano in our studio).

  • For musicians over 12 years of age
  • For musicians under 12yrs, please contact us so we can look at putting on an age appropriate class.


”I have been involved with the Alexander Technique approach to music performance and ease of coordinated movement for 7 years with Greg Holdaway, a master teacher. During this time my brass instrument playing has radically changed. From being inwardly focussed and using excess muscle tension, I have been able to relax in my surroundings and have my ‘instrument’ as an integral extension of myself, as apart from something I am ‘playing’. This freedom has resulted in dramatically increased technical skill and ability to interact with others during a performance as well as more expansive tone improvements.”

“Exceeded my expectations. Information I can easily use in my daily teaching. New ways of thinking for my own playing.”

“Apart from the amazing facts about coordination, Alexander Technique also taught me an extremely important message – it is not about capabilities but about choices. Even though I have been developing this false posture for over ten years, I believe that I will fix my problem one day because I will choose to put effort in changing the way I play, as well as the way I think. Since the workshop, whenever I play the piano I felt more freedom and connected with every note I pressed.”



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